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Affordable peace of mind for your people 

Lump-sum cash payments

Comp Care™ provides lump-sum payments directly to employees for each day of hospitalization from an accident and/or illness.

Cover expenses & deductibles

Employees can use the cash payments to cover ER Admittance, co-pays, deductibles, labs, grocery delivery, physical therapy, and other costs to get your people back on their feet.

Backed by Industry Innovators

Comp Care™ Hospital Indemnity benefits are provided by Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc., a Liberty Mutual company.
Help protect your employees and their families

Simple, straightforward coverage

Comp Care™ acts as an affordable supplement to existing health plans by providing cash for deductibles and other expenses in the event of an accident or illness that results in a hospital stay.

Peace of mind for your people

With over 75% of working-class families living paycheck to paycheck, even the threat of a health issue can weigh heavily on your employees. Comp Care™ can help provide an affordable level of support during these uncertain times.
Supplemental coverage for unprecedented times

Our businesses and communities are facing unprecedented change in how we live and work. There is a new level of awareness and uncertainty around health-related risk, and a new degree of anxiety that impacts the American workplace.

Comp Care™ is an affordable new approach to supporting the wellbeing of your employees by paying a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover medical expenses, like copays and deductibles, or nonmedical things, like grocery delivery, child care, and more should they be hospitalized due to accident or illness.

For less than the expense of buying an employee lunch each month, you can provide your people with the added protection of Comp Care™.
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Common Questions
General Questions about Comp Care™
What is Comp Care™?
Comp Care™ is a supplemental hospitalization product that provides employees with peace of mind in knowing they will receive cash benefits should they be hospitalized due to accident or illness.
Why does our business need Comp Care™?
Given today’s job environment and workforce anxiety around new types of health-related risks , Comp Care™ can help an employer provide additional benefits that help protect the workforce and address today’s concerns.
How much does it cost?
Comp Care™ pricing is $9.75 per employee/month.
What is needed to qualify?
How many employees does a company need to qualify?
Comp Care™ requires the enrollment of all W2 employees (with a minimum of 10) each working 20 hours or more per week.
What do I need to qualify?
Qualifying for Comp Care™ requires the enrollment of all employees at a business with a minimum of 10 people working 20 hours or more per week.
Do my part-time employees qualify for coverage?
Yes. All part-time employees of a qualifying company working 20 hours or more qualify for Comp Care™.
Can furloughed employees maintain coverage if they are no longer with the business?
Yes. All terminated employees of the policyholder who elect to continue their insurance coverage under the current policy will remain covered.
Can employees participate without taking a medical exam?
Yes. Comp Care™ guarantees issuance with no health-related questions asked or medical exam required.
Can some employees enroll into Comp Care™ and others opt out?
No. 100% of a company’s W2 employees need to be covered by the employer’s plan with a minimum of 10 people.
Can spouses and dependents be included?
Absolutely. There is an optional broadening of coverage available to allow for inclusion of spouses and dependents for an additional premium.
What are the benefits and coverage terms?
Is there a waiting period before coverage begins?
There is a standard 30-day waiting period before coverage begins, subject to state variations.
Are my employees covered for being hospitalized for any illness or injury?
Benefits are provided for qualifying hospitalization due to injury or illness, subject to exclusions and pre-existing conditions. Please see a full list of exclusions here, which may vary by state.
My employee is hospitalized for treatment for Covid-19. Will Comp Care™ provide benefits?
Yes. If you have met standard coverage requirements like the 30-day waiting period and have an active policy, Comp Care™ will provide up to $10,000 in cash benefits based on your length of stay and required services.
My employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The local hospital is at full capacity but has created an alternative care site for treatment. Will Comp Care™ provide benefits?
We are very sorry that you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and wish you a speedy recovery. Comp Care™ will provide you up to $10,000 should you be hospitalized due to COVID-19 or almost any other ailment that requires you to be admitted to a hospital.
Does Comp Care™ provide benefits for COVID-19 testing?
Unfortunately COVID-19 tests are not covered at this time.
Will Comp Care™ provide benefits if my employee is unable to see a doctor in person and uses telemedicine?
No, Comp Care™ is designed to supplement the high cost of care and treatment associated with hospital admission and confinment.
Can hospital indemnity insurance be used to cover out-of-pocket costs?
Yes, you can use the benefits to cover things like deductibles and copays, and new assistance needs such as grocery delivery, transportation, and physical therapy.
Are Comp Care™ benefits paid directly to the employee or through a healthcare provider?
Comp Care™ cash benefits are paid directly to employees for use as they see fit.
We have a good major medical plan for employees. Why do we need additional coverage for hospitalization?
Even with the most comprehensive health insurance plan, your people are still at risk of paying expensive deductibles and other medical fees. Comp Care™ was designed to act as either a supplemental safety net or as a complementary policy to health insurance that covers the inevitable out-of-pocket expenses.
Is there any thing else we need to know about this coverage?
Yes, per the Affordable Care Act, this Hospital Indemnity benefit plan is not a substitute for major medical coverage.